Deconstructing food cravings

Just, WOW! I am in absolute awe at the inner knowing displayed by my 10 year old daughter who when gently guided, deconstructed her own food craving. Many adults struggle with this daily, and the struggle is real!

After consuming copious amounts of food – afternoon tea, dinner and then pre-bedtime snacks – which we have sussed are simply a distraction to avoid bedtime! The predictable, often in a grating, whinny tone came … “I’m huuuuuungry”.

But last night it was different, Miss 10 said, “I think I’m hungry but when I look in the pantry, I don’t really want anything”.

That was my cue, I suggested a glass of water, explaining in kiddie terms that “it’s not always food our body needs, maybe your body needs more water, a cuddle, a cosy wheat-bag, or some quiet time with your book, can you work out what your body needs?”

Five minutes later she returned, “I need air, my body needs air” (which isn’t so unusual when you have a child who spends their day shallow/upper chest breathing, and their evenings sighing and gasping, desperately trying to correct the balance of oxygenation. So off we went to lie down and do some belly-breathing – no need to over-eat to meet that need.

The body knows, we just need to listen … every choice we make nourishes something – and it’s not always a nutritional need. Our bodies are amazing!